Star Wars Nursery Mobile

This item is listed for $89.99 by Etsy
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“Ok, GeekBaby,” you say, “seriously. What’s with all the mobiles lately? Especially the Star Wars mobiles?”

“You silly, silly nerfherder,” we screech back in unintelligible alien speak (which you somehow understand due to your years as a galactic smuggler), “you know you love them!”

The truth is, Etsy stores like BabyOnBoard (which makes this adorable one), have been all about the mobile lately, and you and me are the ones reaping the rewards.

Take this one for example. It’s made to order– which means that you get to pick FIVE characters for the mobile of your choosing. It looks professionally printed, it’s gorgeous, and your baby will love gazing up at it as they are lulled to sleep with dreams of space.

Recommended for Boys and Girls and Star Wars fans.

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