Star Wars Han Shot First Body Suit

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This listing says that it’s, ‘obscure nerd,’ but we’re pretty sure that everyone is a George Lucas Truther: Han shot first. It’s undeniable that our favorite space rogue started off a scumbag and stayed that way– that’s what makes him so charming and lovable!

Now your infant can be raised with the truth from birth with this hilarious, long-sleeved onesie. Declare the truth at comic conventions, political protests, birthday parties, or even just at weekly play time. Everyone must know– Greedo may not have been innocent, but the original Star Wars were the best. Stop editing your stuff, Lucas! We can live with flawed heroes.

This onesie is 100% cotton, and like we said above, it has long-sleeves, which makes it perfect the release of the coming film in December. Do not be afraid, young padawan, the shoulders make this onesie easy to remove in spite of the long sleeves.

It comes in sizes from newborn to eighteen months. We always suggest ordering a size up because baby sizes are difficult to measure, and chances are, your little one could have even out-grown it by the time it arrives. Kids grow up fast!

It comes in pink, baby blue, black, brown, red, white, and navy blue, but our favorite is the X-Wing pilot orange in the photo above.

Recommended for Star Wars fans.

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