Final Frontier Baby Outer Space Onesie

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Space… the final frontier. For your crawling tot, the true final frontier may just be the next room over, but in our super comfortable, 100% cotton onesie, they’ll be sure to make it.

The Orion Nebula printed on this onesie is technically a stellar nursery. And whether you’re putting your little star down for a nap or letting him explore the frontier that is the land outside the playpen, you know they’re going to be safe and comfortable.

We print the Orion Nebula straight into the fabric of this onesie, which means these brilliant colors won’t fade or bleed. Both front and back are printed with this stunning image which will inspire your spaceship captain to dream of the stars.

See our Dye Sublimation Warning for information about potential imperfections in the print.
And please remember– unlike the actual Orion Nebula, our sizes run on the small side, so please be sure to order a size up so that your star explorer will have plenty of time to enjoy this onesie.

Recommended for STEM fans.

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