Superman Skirt and Hair Bow

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Not too much good geek stuff for girls out there, but this one takes the cake. A hand made (has to be since its on ETSY) superman logo skirt and matching bow. Awesome piece at a great price for daddy’s little superhero princess.

From seller: Every little girl has her favorite superhero, and this skirt and matching hair bow is the perfect way for your little one to show her appreciation for the Man of Steel. The skirt and bow have a wide range of colors (dark blue, light blue, yellow, and red) that would allow them to easily match with any number of shirts or onesies.

The skirt is layered, with the top layer being minky fleece and the bottom two layers are the Superman print and red cotton. The top of the skirt is secured with a 3/4 inch elastic band that is secured into the fleece with a double fold seam. The bottom edges of the skirt also has double fold hems so that the seams are hidden away.


The hair bow is a layered bow that is four inches across by two inches wide and has three different layers. The top of the bow is decorated with an “S” to represent Superman. Also, there is an alligator clip attached to the back of the bow with a no slip gripper attached to it as well to help it stay anchored in your little girl’s hair, mesh head band or hat.


Recommended for DC and Girls fans.

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