Star Wars Maternity Baby Stormtrooper Tee

Stormtrooper Maternity Tee
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Star Wars fans have long separated themselves into Rebel and Empire camps; sporting everything from car decals to tattoos with their chosen side’s insignia. If you are proudly breeding more soldiers for The Galactic Empire, this maternity shirt is for you. The days of clones are over, so it’s up to us to pop out more loyal Stormtroopers. Hey, either we do it willingly, or the bastards just steal our kids anyway.

The shirt design of this cute cotton shirt features a mini trooper wearing an armor-jumper combo, and shaking a Death Star rattle. Shirts run small, so be sure to order up (and think about leaving some room to grow!), and note that it takes around three weeks for US delivery. 

Recommended for Maternity and Star Wars fans.

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