Nerdy Lion-O Thundercats Onesie

Thundercats Lion-O Onesie
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Most ‘80s babies hold a special place in their hearts for The Thundercats. As a kid, how could you not be into a show that combined aliens, cats, kick ass warriors, snarky pets, spaceships, creepy mutants, a badass sword, and a freakin’ giant scary mummy!? The perfect combination of elements came together for four glorious seasons and 130 episodes. Going back and watching it now, the show still holds up, but with some definite caveats. Lion-O is the kindhearted leader of the group of exiles, but he is also a twelve-year-old trapped in the body of an adult bodybuilder wearing very little clothing; which is a tad uncomfortable.

Now your own mini musclebound hero(ine) can wear this onesie version of Lion-O’s costume, complete with six-pack abs. 

Recommended for Nerdy fans.

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