Gamers Sleeveless Dress – I Choose You!

Pokemon Dress
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Since Pokémon Go fever has swept the nation and the world, now is the perfect time to either get your kids into the franchise, or expand their already existing love for all things Pokémon. While there are plenty of haters out there, no one can deny the huge impact this relatively simple smartphone app has had on gaming. It’s a worldwide scavenger hunt, and it’s doing wonders for a subculture which is predominately sedentary and/or housebound. Getting gamers out of their homes and into walking for fun and making new friends (in person) is a beautiful thing, and all the better if they can manage to nab a Mewtwo while they’re at it.

This cute tank dress features a mix of Pokéballs and yellow waves, so your kid can proclaim their desire to catch ‘em all in style. 

Recommended for Gamers and Girls fans.

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