Firefly Leaf On the Wind Cloth Diaper

Firefly Leaf on the Wind Diaper
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Wash’s mantra to bond with Serenity during stressful situations requiring every ounce of skill the pilot could muster is simultaneously oft-quoted and a source of depression for Browncoats. It symbolizes everything we love about Wash: mad flying skills with Zen like concentration from a normally jovial dude; but it also brings to mind one of the biggest blights on the Firefly universe: Joss Whedon’s decision to kill off a core crew member with a beautiful soul. Without Wash, it just isn’t the same, Firefly kinda ceases to exist after that point (ok, technically it does cease to exist, but you get my drift).

Let’s focus on the positive side of the quote and remember all the good times we shared with Wash, by putting his catchphrase on our babies’ butts. Somehow, I think he would appreciate that.

Recommended for Boys and Firefly and Girls fans.

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