Blue Zombie Moccasins

Zombie Shoes
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Any fabric you can look at and say things like “Are those intestines?,” “Is there a severed thumb in there somewhere?,” or “I think a worm is coming out of that zombie’s eye” is a damn fine piece of material. Also, entirely appropriate for baby shoes. There is something cute about the design of the zombies; they are done in a style that is reminiscent of Adventure Time, Superjail!, or some other random Cartoon Network show.

These adorably rotten crib shoes are made to order with either a soft or black rubber sole. Don’t worry, if your in-laws give you shit about having grotesque creatures donning their precious baby’s feet, you can always remind them what pretty shades of blue the shoes are. 

Recommended for Boys and Girls and Punk and Goth and Shoes fans.

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